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Kostin Artem

B-Boy Mega Joker / Tricks DJ Mega Joker

Dvizh Club

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Artem is a professional dancer. He has begun to dance breaking in September 2007 passing the energy of hip-hop culture through himself. Since that moment breaking has become his firm core and opened many boundaries in his life. He participated in almost every major dance events of the planet. Self-expression is the most important thing in dancing for Mega Joker. "Winning is good, but if you don`t enjoy yourself then what's the point? You can lose in a first battle, but everyone will remember you." 

Artem also participates in commercial projects such as shooting music videos, advertising,
TV shows and so on.

He has started to teach breaking in 2011. He found dance school

Open Soul in Saint-Petersburg in 2013 and he has trained students `till this moment. He has organized his own dance events since 2012.

He has started his musical career in January 2015. Artem had bought his first DJ equipment and met with the experimental breakcore music producer VANDVL (Breakcore Family) who gave him the basics of the program Ableton Live. Then in September of that year he met DJ (MX) and started to l earn how

to be a DJ in his DJ school Rhythm Masters. Since that time he has fallen in love with turntablism and vinyl. In the summer 2017 Artem met vEM aka DJ R-Cut-Off who also helps develop his musical skills.

Artem played in different countries and participated as a DJ in worldwide dance events. He collects vinyl. Artem always tries to surprise people some musical finds.Besides digging he produces music as a beat maker and practices his turntablism skills. Playing music at dance festivals is his main activity but he also

takes commercial gigs and plays as a regular DJ at birthday parties, holidays and different events in free time. He doesn’t limit himselfin musical genres as he says "The main thing is vibe."

"I get inspiration from every of you and what happens around me."
     "Be yourself."

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